My work explores the juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity, inspired by the contrasts I find in my environment, where organic textures appear within the manufactured lines of the city.

While my work is not representational, the process of creating a piece - and a series - is a way of relating to a complex and chaotic world. Revising and perfecting lines brings an amount of order; their starkness on a textured paper, a bit of clarity. Amorphous shapes emerge, resisting that order. Patterns appear, then disintegrate. Just as weeds grow in sidewalk cracks, the lines of a maze are only temporary boundaries.

This interplay between simplicity and complexity, order and chaos, stillness and activity, can be found both within each piece, and in the relationship of the pieces to each other.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA


Local Language artist in residence,Temporary Bounderies, Oakland,CA

Muriel Guepin Gallery, Parallel Lines, New York, NY

Good, Good Eye Open, group show, Eagle Rock, CA

Muriel Guepin Gallery, At Wilderness, group show, Brooklyn, NY
Hijinks Gallery, Chromatics and Canopies, San Francisco, CA

Fabric 8 Gallery, All That Remains, group show, San Francsico, CA
Like The Spice Gallery, Texas Contemporary Art Fair
Like The Spice Gallery, Scope Miami Art Fair

Like The Spice Gallery, Shards, solo show, Brooklyn, NY

Swarm Gallery, group show, Oakland, CA
Hang Art Gallery, group show, San Francisco, CA
Swarm Gallery, New Regime, group show, San Francsico, CA
Lake Gallery, Will Find, solo show, San Francisco, CA

Like The Spice Gallery, Religion, group show, Brooklyn, NY

4 Culture Gallery, Watercolor Society, group show, Seattle, WA

Virginia Commonwealth University, BFA, Cum Laude, Richmond, VA